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redwillowkitty wrote in rhbuyselltrade
Hi I totally forgot I was a member here lol. I just wanted to let anyone who looks in here know that I have a few items up for sale(pics can be found on LJ Rocky Horror Costumes).

Janet Weiss: Unfinished Purple Proposal Suit selling as is-needs panels put on front(the lining is there, and hemmed sleeves, buttons put on, and a button on the skirt which is complete otherwise..prob could use to be a little shorter but depends on the person. Made for a petite or small person. I am guessing a 6 or so.

Also have white flower buttons for the pink dress. Just 3 sets left small and medium sized.

Black distressed tuxedo jacket-stain has been stitched over so there are none now. Never worn by me. I found this years ago in a store and purchased it. (can sell as a package as I also have biker gloves and a bloody spat) Probably would fit a Medium or so-no size on it. It's a little big on me but I'm petite in the upper body.

Ansalong package. Dress(hand embroidered Dentonvale)...fake snaps going up the front(zips for convenience)...a few of the accessories -some better than others but can be replaced and fixed easily I think, 2 belts with 2 makeshift beepers made for it, ponytail(burgundyishreddishbrownish), 2.5 sets of pearl earings, 2 older hats that can be used for patterns for a new hat very easy to make. Dress is probably a small and made for a petite or small person.

And I have some red fabric that could be made into a floorshow gauntlet or two pending on the size of the person.

Not listed I also have a Vance Parker costume made for a larger parger-size 14 maybe or so. And also a Larger Trixie dress-Blue Dress with white cuffs and a collar about the same size or larger.


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