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redwillowkitty wrote in rhbuyselltrade
Hi I have some items up for sale rocky wise: 4 plus size costumes:
Trixie #1: Blue cotton with white collar and cuffs-no acciessories
Trixie #2: Lavender satin with white collar and cuffs-no accessories
Trixie Box hand made and painted and lined etc.--heavy and very durable.
Shock Treatment Betty costume-suit outfit (have to find out about accessories, I know there is a blouse, jacket, and skirt)
Shock Treatment Vance Parker Jacket, Pants(not sure) and hat I think(I need to double check this one)
Admiral style jacket could be used for Trixie or Tranny.
Red Sequined Fabric(skip a row for floorshow gloves enough for 3 or possibly four if stretched)
White flower buttons
Trims for Magenta's negligee(blue, and black iris choices)
...More to come. Also have some fantasy items and Records(I don't have a player, they are in great condition).


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