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redwillowkitty wrote in rhbuyselltrade
Hi I posted some things for sale in the costumes(all pics are there) site if anyone is interested. I have for sale: Frank: Cape, Magenta: Spacewig, and duster, Janet: wig(uncut and never worn with a skincap), makeshift bouquet(may just throw in if purchase a Janet item), Bra(a little offcolor but a great style! and has rose sewn in it), white maryjanes(dance shoes), Columbia: bowtie.

Also have an original patch of Lips still in package, and a Frank Headliner doll.

and Tim Curry Vinyl and Shock Treatment Vinyl

Jessica -Please email for details.

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Janet Weiss

I'll be playing Janet in a show in February. Do you still have some of Janet's stuff?


Yes actually I might have a few things. I'm going to an audition tomorrow and will be gone majority of the day. Let me know what things you are looking for and I'll see if I have anything I may wish to sell and I will try to get back to you on Monday. Please email me at Off hand i believe I have an older pair of white maryjanes, a bra(same shape but offwhite), buttons(for pink dress) and possibly some fabric. I might have other things as well. :) xoxo


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