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Hi I posted some things for sale in the costumes(all pics are there) site if anyone is interested. I have for sale: Frank: Cape, Magenta: Spacewig, and duster, Janet: wig(uncut and never worn with a skincap), makeshift bouquet(may just throw in if purchase a Janet item), Bra(a little offcolor but a great style! and has rose sewn in it), white maryjanes(dance shoes), Columbia: bowtie.

Also have an original patch of Lips still in package, and a Frank Headliner doll.

and Tim Curry Vinyl and Shock Treatment Vinyl

Jessica -Please email for details.

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Hi I have some items up for sale rocky wise: 4 plus size costumes:
Trixie #1: Blue cotton with white collar and cuffs-no acciessories
Trixie #2: Lavender satin with white collar and cuffs-no accessories
Trixie Box hand made and painted and lined etc.--heavy and very durable.
Shock Treatment Betty costume-suit outfit (have to find out about accessories, I know there is a blouse, jacket, and skirt)
Shock Treatment Vance Parker Jacket, Pants(not sure) and hat I think(I need to double check this one)
Admiral style jacket could be used for Trixie or Tranny.
Red Sequined Fabric(skip a row for floorshow gloves enough for 3 or possibly four if stretched)
White flower buttons
Trims for Magenta's negligee(blue, and black iris choices)
...More to come. Also have some fantasy items and Records(I don't have a player, they are in great condition).

Last chance for my old Janet hat
Less than 24 hours!


Janet hat on eBay
Hi everyone,
I just listed one of my extra Janet hats on eBay. It would be good for a Janet who uses her natural hair (might be sort of tight over a wig). I recommend checking the measurements before bidding.

Believe it or not, this hat used to belong to a non-Rocky friend of mine and I got it in a clothing swap.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Hi all...wow I totally forgot I was a member here lol. I just wanted to let anyone who looks in here know that I have a few items up for sale(pics can be found on LJ Rocky Horror Costumes).

Janet Weiss: Unfinished Purple Proposal Suit selling as is-needs panels put on front(the lining is there, and hemmed sleeves, buttons put on, and a button on the skirt which is complete otherwise..prob could use to be a little shorter but depends on the person. Made for a petite or small person. I am guessing a 6 or so.

Also have white flower buttons for the pink dress. Just 3 sets left small and medium sized.

Black distressed tuxedo jacket-stain has been stitched over so there are none now. Never worn by me. I found this years ago in a store and purchased it. (can sell as a package as I also have biker gloves and a bloody spat) Probably would fit a Medium or so-no size on it. It's a little big on me but I'm petite in the upper body.

Ansalong package. Dress(hand embroidered Dentonvale)...fake snaps going up the front(zips for convenience)...a few of the accessories -some better than others but can be replaced and fixed easily I think, 2 belts with 2 makeshift beepers made for it, ponytail(burgundyishreddishbrownish), 2.5 sets of pearl earings, 2 older hats that can be used for patterns for a new hat very easy to make. Dress is probably a small and made for a petite or small person.

And I have some red fabric that could be made into a floorshow gauntlet or two pending on the size of the person.

Not listed I also have a Vance Parker costume made for a larger parger-size 14 maybe or so. And also a Larger Trixie dress-Blue Dress with white cuffs and a collar about the same size or larger.

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does anyone have a list of costumers for rocky? just curious to see who makes what how and for how much- doing some costume collecting trying to build my closet

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Hi everyone! My name is Renee and I have been a cast member on Barely Legal in Oakland for the last 3 years. Recently I was kicked off cast under rather unfortunate circumstances. I don’t expect I will be returning to Rocky in the future, due to the nature in which I’ve been forced to leave, so I have decided to sell my costume collection. I’m very sad to do that, I’m quite proud of all the costumes I’ve acquired over the years, especially some I’ve recently acquired with the help of some you wonderful people in the community. However I think its time for me to move on, so I will be listing all of my costumes on ebay. I have complete Janet and Columbia costumes, with a couple of back up pieces for each character, as well as a few other miscellaneous costumes. I hope you guys will enjoy these costumes as much as I have.

Check out my costumesCollapse )

Dussrocky - Costumes on Ebay
rocky trio
She left her post as a comment instead of a stand alone. So reposting it to make it more visible....

I thought i'll go first.
I really hope i'm doing this right now. Feel free to move it if not.
I've put some items on Ebay and i'm touting them.




I'd put more pictures on here but ive forgotten how too. (its getting late here).

rocky trio
Someone from another RH LJ community had suggested making a new community for selling, etc. I thought the idea was good enough to warrant its creation. Hope everyone gets some good use from it!


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